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About Us

RITI Association of Unemployed Professionals

RITI Association was established to bring together unemployed professionals, group them according to their diverse professionalism and introduce them to the world of business as well as linking them to potential employers.

We are committed to transforming the lives of the Kenyan youth by guiding, training, and empowering them to charge of their lives and financial success.

Why we are different

We do not just connect unemployed professionals to various jobs. Our focus is on introducing these professionals to the world of business as an alternative to white collar jobs.

We then provide the needed support from entrepreneurship training, to financing and even providing ready business ventures for sale.

We also give our members an opportunity to earn a living through side hustles as they await actual employment.

Providing Side-hustle

We provide our members with side hustle as they await actual employment

Attachment and Internships

We offer internships and attachments to our members as they pursue their higher education.

Financing Business Plans

Our main agenda is to introduce professionals to the world of business. We therefore provide support in financing business ventures.


We make sure all our members are fully equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge they need to pursue their ventures.


We connect our members with various employers across the country through our partnerships in different industries.

Rehabilitation & Counseling

We offer rehabilitation and counseling services through one of our projects, St Nicholas Rehabilitation Center.